Woodcrafters is owned and operated by Tim and Anne Donn of Traverse City, Michigan. TCWoodcrafters-Background_Tim-in-a-Tree

Woodcrafters was founded in March of 2000, when the dream of working together and a shared passion for fine furniture was realized. Tim’s eye for detail and love of beautiful wood compliment Anne’s knowledge of wicker and caning.

Woodcrafters offers a full range of services that incorporate the finest of workmanship. Serving Northern Michigan, from Mackinaw Island to Manistee, we are interested in helping you with your furniture needs.

Send an email today:  info@tcwoodcrafters.com


 Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the finish deteriorating on my furniture?

• Exposure to strong light
• Oxidation
• Physical abuse, including contact with heat, water, solvents and chemicals

What can you do?

• Keep out of bright light
• Cover if on vacation
• Don’t store furniture in extreme heat
• Reduce friction on tops with wax or polish
• Use table pads, coasters or tablecloths.
• Use only mild soap for cleaning

How can I clean my new finish?

• If it is extremely dirty we recommend using Murphy’s Oil Soap (mild soap)
• Regular care need only include waxing or polishing. Appy wax or polish only to a cloth and then wipe.